Vintage Kilo Warehouse Sale

ATTENTION: The Vintage Kilo Pop Up Store will be open from Monday to Saturday from 9AM to 6PM! 🚨

Europe’s biggest Vintage Kilo Pop Up Store is coming back to Mainz/Bodenheim! ✨

You find us here: Am Kuemmerling 2, 55294 Bodenheim📍

Due to the hygienic concern, we are opening with limited spots in different time slots!


* Tickets at the door are available whenever we have empty spots

* The time on your ticket is the time during which you can come + stay at the pop up store

We are bringing lots of Spring Vintage Clothes, including cardigan, flannels, jackets and more! 🌸

We are coming with…

* Vintage Clothes sold per kilo at 35€/ kg 🚨

* High quality vintage with well-known brands from the 60s-00s

* Sizes from XXS to Plus sizes

* Rare & unique accessories like leather bags, scarves, belts etc.

What can you get for one kilo of clothes? Perhaps a whole outfit! E.g. a pair of jeans, a crazy shirt, and a bomber jacket!

We’re always refilling the clothes all day long so it doesn’t matter if you are an early bird vintage lover or want to join us in the last hour, there’ll be plenty of amazing vintage clothes!

BOTH card & cash are welcomed! 💳💵

COVID-19 Reminder:

* You are obliged to wear a mask, so bring your own or buy one

* People with symptoms of acute respiratory disease are prohibited from entering. 😷

Vintage vibes are waiting for you. See you SUPER SOON!

Love & Shanti,

Your Vinokilo Family 🧡

  • Thursday, 6 May 2021
  • Am Kuemmerling 2, 55294 Bodenheim, Germany

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